I am exploring the transient relationship between body and space.
Painting is the starting point of my practice, for I love its
repetitive, rhythmical and meditative process, which is at the same time the most genuine spatial dimension of painting. The sensual experience of the making, the phenomenology of the materials and colour transform my work into sculptural projects. This is not static, it is a dynamic process of interaction between body, mind and space.


The materials I am using cover a wide range from oil based, acrylic and enamel paints, found objects, stretched canvas, chopped up and double sided painted canvas and more recently transparent paper.


I am looking for the thinnest line between matter and space to make the gap visible – which is a paradox in itself, but also reflects the game life is.

Glasgow School of Art Graduate Degree Show 2018, 1st - 9th September 2018


Every colour and all directions (2018) 6 tracing paper sheets (each 440cm x 150cm), wall paper paste, acrylic paint.

Red, green, blue and cyan, yellow, magenta can create every colour we perceive.


Every colour and all directions is a dialogue between ourselves and space; motion and colour; between heaven and earth.


The exhibition "Into the Woods" brings together Stuckemeier's painting installation "What is the Taste of Magenta?" (2018) and three of Huddleston's large-scale, archival photographs from the series "Canto 1: The Dark Forest" (2018).


The works of these two artists play with interiority and exteriority. Huddleston's photographs take the viewer, quite literally "into the woods", leaving them in a dark interior, one created by the natural world. Stuckemeier's free-hanging installation creates an interior space that surrounds the visitor with the sensual experience of magenta, a colour that represents the link between heaven and earth.


The spaces created by both these artists are a locus of transformation, a meeting place between the worlds. Although Stuckemeier's and Huddleston's practice span very different media, the resulting works share a clarity and visual simplicity. Together they leave the viewer on the threshold.









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